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LCT Ultimate - The ultimate load cell tester


The LCT-Ultimate is the most comprehensive testing device for load cells. This easy to use, hand-held device enables the scale user or technician to trouble-shoot his weighing system on-site. Within a few seconds, the LCT-Ultimate provides a clear answer to any doubts, or satisfies the operator that his load cell is faultless. It is capable of identifying just about any defect in all types of strain gage-based load cells, including the most elusive cause for load cell failure: reduced isolation resistance between the strain gages and the body or the screen.

Strain gage load cells are used in most electronic weighing systems. They are highly sensitive devices, which can measure minute weight changes with signals smaller than one microvolt. Load cells can be damaged by a multitude of influences, such as:
   -mechanical overloading, as caused by shock loads or vibrations;
   -electrical overloads, sometimes caused by lightning
   -moisture ingress or chemical influences – corrosion

   -cable damage

Defects caused by electrical overloads or by moisture can go undetected for a long time, whereas they can affect the load cell performance by erratic shorts. Now, the LCT-Ultimate measures all actual values of the load cell in question, thereby pointing to the probable causes. In addition, the LCT-Ultimate can show a continuous signal reading, to check linearity and repeatability. Testing can be performed with the load cell in place, or after the load cell was removed from the system. Now, the user can verify the condition of his load cell even after it was condemned.

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Simulator LCS 85 und Mini-Sim 100

Ideal tools for checking, reparing, calibrating and designing of weighing systems.

Wägezellensimulator LCS 85

The load cell simulator LCS 85 is a 5-dekade, calibrated precision tool up to 30000 digits.
( 0,1µV bis 2999,9 µV ) R = 120 Ohm
The ideal tool für testing, reparing, calibrating and designing weighing systems.





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Mini-Sim 100

Simulating a load cell, adjustable via Potentiometer.
A tool für testing and reparing.

Not for calibration.

with DP85-Plug


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with MP25-Plug


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with Hardy-Plug


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Replacement kit, Easy replacement, plug-compatible



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HI 2151 JT/IT -

Klemmkasten für mehrere Wägezellen

IT® J-Box
Load Point Junction Boxes with INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN

The HI 215IT Series Junction Box can be used with up to four, eight conductor load sensors or cells. It supports C2® electronic calibration and INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN® for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The B+L Hardy C2® certified Junction Box contains circuitry in a waterproof enclosure which distributes the excitation voltage to up to four load points and transfers each load point's performance characteristics and weight signals to the weight controller. The junction box, without being opened, allows an instrument operator to switch in an internal test circuit to test the stability of the cable from the junction box to the "IT" equipped weighing instrument. In addition, individual load sensors can be isolated for weight and voltage readings all from the weighing instrument's front panel.


The box's unique removable multiple connector design allows for easy isolation and troubleshooting of non-"IT" capable weighing systems. Available in NEMA 4 rated painted steel, NEMA 4X rated stainless steel or fiberglass, each box comes with two packaged hole plugs and five cable grip fittings suitable for O.D. cable of 1/4 to 3/8 inches. A label is provided on the underside of the top cover to record load point positions. A non-C2 version with trim pots is also available.

C2 Cable
Eight conductor "Home Run" cable

Eight conductor "Home Run" cable

C2(R) certified.

Cable to be used from the junction box to the instrument. Required for C2 installations.

B+L Hardy C2(R) certified "Home Run" cable is designed specifically to handle the low voltage weight and data signals found in weighing systems, as well as the load senors performance characteristics and switching commands.

Eight conductors carry the signals to and from the weight controller and the junction box up to 1000 feet away. Each conductor is 22 AWG stranded copper wire for flexibility. The cable has a braided, tinned copper shield and a mylar barrier tape wrap. The outer jacket is vinyl and is 0.060" thick.











miniPond 3F

The new filling controllers

Flexible filling controller - maintaining the legendary B+L filling quality

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Wireless control //

our controllers can now be operated via iPad, Notebook, or even your Smartphone

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