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Filling controllers and process weighing systems from B+L Industrial Measurements

B+L Industrial Measurements is a specialist, independent company that develops, manufactures and sells a range of sophisticated weighing systems. We produce filling controllers delivering the highest repeatability at the highest possible speed for machine builders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Complimenting our filling controllers is a full range of process weighing equipment.

Bran+Luebbe Pedigree

Based in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany, our company was founded in 1968. Known in the past as Bran+Luebbe, B+L has a reputation for top quality products with exceptional performance. Some of our products have legendary operating lives, we are still building weighing systems developed over 30 years ago!

Our Products

Our products enable businesses to control production processes and stock by weight.
Our weighing controllers are unique. Straightforward to use, they focus on repeatability meaning users achieve high throughputs and minimise wasteful errors.

Filling Controllers

Designed in-house, our filling controllers are Weights and Measures approved to the current standards. Priority is given to absolute accuracy achieved through high repeatability at the highest speed. Well priced, they come with a variety of options and interfaces so they fit your need exactly.

Bag Filling

Bag Filling machines require filling controllers that deliver reliable repeatability to minimise material give-away. Our bag filling controllers have been developed over decades to give absolute accuracy achieved through high repeatability at the highest speed. Well priced, they come with a variety of options and interfaces so they fit your need exactly.

Bulk Loading

Bulk loading of powders, liquids or granules requires weighing controllers that are capable of measuring weight and rate of change in weight. These capabilities mean that product give-away and cycle times are minimised during the bulk loading process. Our bulk loading controllers have a high internal resolution and fast update rates together with predictive capabilities and consequently produce class leading results.


Checkweighing can be dynamic where the item being weighed is moving, or static where it is not. Both processes use weight to check that the item fulfills a criteria that determines what happens next. Our minpond 3f controller makes an excellent checkweighing controller. Fast response combined with a high internal resolution enable this controller to be integrated easily into any checkweighing application.


Weighing is a very accurate and fast way of dispensing or dosing precise quantities of product into containers. Results will not only be very accurate but repeatable over tens of thousands of operations. B+L has a large range of dosing controllers that are excellent for the many different dispensing applications found throughout industry.

Silo and Tank Weighing

Weighing silos, hoppers and tanks with loadcells mounted in their support structure is generally accepted as the most accurate and repeatable method of measuring their contents. Vessel size, type and environment will have a big influence on the weighing system and controller that you select. Generally you will want a weighing controller that has a high resolution and is fast. In addition some form of input filtering or conditioning will make the indicated weight stable and accurate.

Weighing Systems

Working with Hardy Process Solutions we offer a range of process weighing systems that is complimentary to our filling controllers. Throughout the range innovative technology produces highly desirably features such as accurate calibration without test weights and automated fault finding and diagnosis. The extensive range includes load cells, mounting hardware, instruments, and accessories to cover most any process weighing application.


Exhibitions 2017

Our exhibition programme for 2017 is confirmed as follows:

Schüttgut 2017

10-11 March 2017,
Westfalenhallen Dortmund,
Hall 5, Stand H 03-05

Powtech 2017

26-28 Sept 2017

Messe Nürnberg,
Hall 1, Stand 1-302

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