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Process weighing systems with unique features


Our customers such as Baxter, Nestlé or Goodyear are convinced by their advantages: for process weighing systems they and we rely on the controllers and components from our American Partners, Hardy Process Solutions.


B+L Autorisierter Partner von Hardy

B+L Industrial Measurements since 2005 authorized partner for Hardy-Products for the european market.


Amazing support: the Hardy instruments are equipped with a full-featured automated fault-finder (Integrated Technician).

Practical: C2 calibration without test weights.

Accurate: the active canceling out of external noise (WaverSaver).

Secure weight data: configuration, calibration, and specific weight date are safely stored (Secure Memory Module).

Hooked up: with its integrated web server, the instrument can be operated via the Ethernet – even wireless (Embedded Web server).

Strong support: for planning, installation, or operation of Hardy instruments, the fully competent B+L support is always at your side.



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HI 6500

HI 6500

Connect, view and control one to four instruments on one panel

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HI 6500

HI 6600

Up to 30 channnels, fast and stable

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