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Technical data sheets

To print out you can download the technical data sheets of the B+L products.


B+L documents are available in PDF format (Portable Document Format). To open documents ACROBAT READER should be installed at your computer. If not, please click the link at the right side to download ACROBAT READER and follow the instructions.

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Technical data sheet SWA-2000 C
Compact filling controller
SWA-2000 C
Technical data sheet SWA-2000 M
Filling controller
SWA-2000 M
Technical data sheet SWW-2000 M
Bulk loading controller
SWW-2000 M
Technical data sheet DOS-2000 M
Batching controller
DOS-2000 M

Operation manuals & technical manuals

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Abfüllsteuerung SWA-2000C


The compact, reliable, precise bag filling controller for high performance

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