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Dispensing and continuous feeding

Filling and dosing in dispensing mode

All our filling controllers also master discontinuous loss-in-weight dosing. Depending on your requirements and application conditions, you have the choice between dataPond 3F, miniPond 3F, miniPond 3P and SWA 2000-C.

Continuous Feeding

HI 4060

Loss-in-Weight Rate Controller
Hardy’s HI 4060 is a compact, single-feeder, closed-loop rate controller for use in a variety of applications, including auger, belt and vibratory-based feeders, converting them from volumetric to gravimetric.
The HI 4060 is a powerful building block when it comes to multiple feeder systems.

Automatic closed loop control: continuously adjusts the feeder to deliver the desired feed rate,
True 5-point automatic rate calibration produces high feed accuracy,
Automatic feeder refill without interrupting the feeding of material,
Multiple configuration storage,
Error monitoring with alarms,
Convenient manual mode,
Graphics Display Mode,
and the Hardy Toolbox Features: C2, Waversaver, IT, SMM-SD and Web Server