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LCT-Ultimate – The ultimate load cell tester

The LCT-Ultimate is a stand-alone hand-held device that was especially designed for comprehensive fault detection in strain gauge load cells.

The LCT-Ultimate can check all common types of strain gauge load cells with 4- or 6-wire cable and input resistance up to 5 kΩ. As a user, you quickly get all essential data you need to evaluate the load cell, such as bridge resistances (input and output resistance) and load cell output (as an indication of mechanical damage) as well as the insulation resistance to the screen and/or to the body. A reduced insulation resistance can point to damage caused by moisture or chemical ingress.

Strain gauge load cells are used in most electronic weighing systems. They are highly sensitive devices, which can measure minute weight changes with signals smaller than one microvolt. Load cells can be damaged by a multitude of influences, such as

  • mechanical overloading, as caused by shock loads / vibrations or metal fatigue
  • electrical overloads, sometimes caused by lightning
  • moisture ingress or chemical influences / corrosion
  • cable damage

Defects caused by electrical overloads or by moisture can go undetected for a long time, whereas they can affect the load cell performance by erratic shorts. Now, the LCT-Ultimate measures all actual values of the load cell in question, thereby pointing to the probable causes.
The LCT-Ultimate can also continuously measure and display the output signal to check linearity and repeatability. Testing can be performed with the load cell in place, or after the load cell was removed from the system.